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The Secret of Worldly Love (Spiritual Science)

Written by: Alyas Nasiri


The reality of human body :

When we think about the creation of this universe, we will realize that there is no

other creature that is superior or more precious than human beings (Quran 95:5).

After thinking about it thoroughly, we understand and as a consequence conclude

that understanding of human beings is the sole purpose of creation of this physical

universe. Therefore, these skies and earth are like a Holy tree that creates fruit

in the form of human beings. Hakim Pir Sayedna Nasir Khusraw (Q.S) has said:

Darakht ast een jahaan o meva maheem

K khurram bar darakhto oo baraheem


This world is a tree and human being is its fruit. Because only human is
nourished on this worldly tree.

Hence Arif-e-kamil, Allama Nasiruddin Nasir Hub-e-Ali Hunzai has said:

Aalam-e-Zahir toman bila un etey xhum Miwa ba

Toom k hani goi ba k bas na kul jahan goi bam jowan

Thus, fruit is the very reason of the tree, therefore, the creation of human being is the sole

purpose of this worldly tree. Human beings are made up of combination of three things:

1. Body

2. Soul and


If we start to put these three realities into stages then, soul is superior, than body

and, Intellect is superior than soul. Although animals possesses body and soul as

well, however, they are not superior because they do not have intellect. Whereas,

humans are far superior and greater than animals because they have an innate

human intellect (aqle gharizi). Due to this innate human intellect human being is

the sole purpose of this universe in physical manner.

Aql-e-Gharizi (the innate human intellect) and its progress and completion:

Amongst all of the bodies which comes into existence in this universe, the one

which possesses the “spark of Intellect” and are considered to be exceptional. Due

to the fact that human beings have the Innate intellect (aqle gharizi),

therefore, they are known to be superior and greater than animals.

Hence, amongst all the human beings, the one who has the Innate human intellect

( aql e gharizi) in its complete form is known to be the most superior Human. It is

worth knowing here, that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and his descendents are the

one who always have the innate human intellect in its complete form. Rest of the

human beings remains in an incomplete form and are able to complete only

moving forward after obedience.

The first route towards obedience is in its physical form, where it leads one being

to be on the spiritual path.

The second route is by being on the spiritual path which leads towards Intellect

and the third route is by being on the path which leads towards the heavenly abode

(bahisht-e-bareen) through intellect (Quran 31:50). This is the very reason that the

route of Intellect is considered as one that is the greatest and superior. We can find

all of these three examples in the holy and sacred life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

For instance, the Prophet (PBUH) sacrificed and devoted his whole life for the

upliftment of Islam is His physical struggle. Spiritual struggle were in the form of

prayers and supplications, and his intellectual struggle were in the form of the

Quran which is the intellectual miracle of Allah. Hence according to this in Quran

and in the knowledge of the esoteric Quran (ilm-e-ladunni — given knowledge) lies

the success of miracle of innate human intellect (aqle gharizi).

Human and Love

Human beings are the greatest invention, and technology of Allah the Almighty (Quran 15:

22–29). As said in Hadith e Qudsi, “Human is my secret and I am his secret”.

Therefore,we must look into the human potential. Arif-e-kamil, Allama Nasiruddin

Nasir Hub-e-Ali Hunzai (Q.S), mentioned in one of the verse of his poem:

Noor-e-khabar bam, bashar bai le khudanad-e-raz,

Izzate Parwardigar Hazrat-e-Insan-e-Raz

When human beings are amongst the hidden secrets of God, then it is necessary to

look into the human potential as well so we may reach those treasures who are

actually full of secrets (15:21).

One of the most wisdom filled and beautiful potential of human being is

“pure love”, which is in human existence is the specialty of heart. Although this

potential is existent in animals as well, however, the expression of love for both the

species are different.

The Holy Wisdom of Hugging an expression of Human Love

When a human being loves another human by heart then his heart ultimately

desires to hug his lover, as an epitome of love? And what is the secret and wisdom

behind hugging another person? Why does one desire to hug as an expression of

his love? Is there a secret to the unification of two souls at some point? Without

any doubt, it’s the fact! It is wisdom to say that love in all human beings is one of

the example of the attributes of Allah. Just like one of the beautiful names

of Allah is “Al-Wahid” similarly, the attribute of love is to unify. Hence, love

unites two souls or helps to unite two souls into unification. Therefore, we need to

understand what is the hidden secret behind love that attracts two souls like a

magnet and they wish to annihilate into one another as an expression of love by

hugging. As human beings, we need to think about this hidden secret. Surely, there

must be a special secret of Allah hidden within this wisdom.

Allah, the most Gracious has created human beings with His hidden secrets but

human beings are ungrateful (41:34, 17:67) and just concentrate on the physical

world but never focus on his ownself. God has kept many secrets within the human

self from His treasures of secrets (51:20–21).

So that every human can reach those secrets using his intellect (30:20).

The wisdom-filled expression of hugging denotes the hidden secret and holy

wisdom of God. To understand this, we must know that human beings exist in two

places at one time. All the humans that are present in this world have two self that is the

(i), the higher ‘i’

(ii) the lower ‘i’

In human the lower ‘i’ is in an incomplete form, while the higher ‘i’ is in its

complete form within theUniversal Soul or in Complete Human . We can also

understand this that the human soul is connected like an electric wire that is with

it’s higher ‘i’ and one side of the wire in partial human being is in the form of

innate human intellect while another side of the wire is connected with the

universal Soul or in the higher world. Before understanding this concept, we must

need to understand about the Universal Soul, and the Complete Human (Insan-e- Kamil).

The Complete Human (Insan-e-Kamil) is in the form of Prophet and Imam that

actually completes incomplete human beings in every era. He is also the Universal

Soul (Nafs-e-Kulli), which means that the unification of all the souls in within

Universal Soul . He is also an ocean of souls as well as the oneness of those souls.

All humans are presented in the Universal Soul or in Complete Human in the form

of one Soul. On this basis, we also call Complete Human ‘Jan-e-Jahan’. The soul

within our body is our soul, while the soul within soul (Jan-e-Janan) is the

Complete human being (Insan e Kamil). To explain this, Allama buzurguar (Q.S) has said:

Ye raaz e nihani hai aur rab ki nishani hai

Aye hai jahan se jaan, wo aalam-e-jaan dekha

It is the hidden secret and memento of Lord

The World from where soul has arrived I have seen that World of Soul (Universal Soul)

The verse praises and explains the recognition of a Complete Human being or a Universal Soul.

The state and reality of the Single Soul

About the Single Soul, or Universal Soul, God says in Quranic verse (31:28).8)

The gist of this Quranic verse is that all human beings are born from a single soul

and will eventually return to it. It is therefore important to understand the state and

reality of the Single Soul according to the divine knowledge.

Single Soul is the aggregation of human souls,

where all human beings embrace each other and become one or in-fact are one due

to their spiritually embracing one another. The Perfect Man (Insan-i Kamil) or the

Universal Soul is the Human in whom all human beings of the world have

embraced each other and are as one and this unity is called “Oneness” (Wahdat)

and Quran refers to it as “Single Soul”. Now because of this

oneness, a quality is present in incomplete or partial human called “love” and its actual source is the Perfect Man or the Universal Soul.

In this world, people express love by hugging and embracing with one another.

This gesture has two meanings: Firstly, they express their incomplete physical love

in actual form by hugging each other and secondly, it is a demonstration of the

potential form provided by the divine secret that these two people have already

embraced one another, and are a single reality. This is the very reason that

partially people fall in love with each other, and there is peace, and happiness

which exist within this world because of this love as opposed to wars, hostility, and


If a person understands that the incomplete love in this physical world is also

because of the Perfect Man (Insan-i-Kamil) and the attraction in this love is also

because of the Universal Soul, where it is possible to actually annihilate in each

other then he will definitely yearn for the actual complete love,

because it is not possible to annihilate in one another in the physical incomplete

form of love, but within the Universal soul, annihilation becomes a possibility.

Therefore, it is clear that it is not possible for an incomplete human to annihilate in

someone he dearly loves, whereas it is possible to annihilate, in the Spiritual

beloved (Universal Soul). Hence, it is wise to look for the beloved

in the Universal Soul. As mentioned earlier, in the universal soul, that all human

have embraced one another as a single soul, and it is because of this oneness we

can see the love and attraction in this world. This is why love begins from physical

knowledge, because there is knowledge in the beloved’s physical beauty, and at the

destination of this love, one wants to hug or embrace their beloved.

Actually, hugging each other is an expression of annihilation which is already a

reality in the Universal Soul. There is love in this world due to the Perfect Man

(Insan-i-Kamil), whereas hostility and enmity are because of us humans. Love is a

big favor of the Perfect Man upon all Humanity, wherever incomplete love is

present, it is in reality a reflection of the spiritual attraction of divine love

found in the Perfect Man or the Universal Soul. The person who annihilates in

the Universal Soul consequently preaches love in this world in the light of the

divine knowledge (Ilm-e — Haqiqi).

This knowledge has the divine Light (Nur) present within it, it is the

shimmering water of spiritual oneness of all mankind which allows for the thirsty

mankind to quench their thirst.

Hazrat Allama Buzurgwaar (Q-S) says in one of his couplets:

Dil-e sangeen se jaari huay hain ilm k chashmey

Mere Maula, ne mara hai asa-e ilm-e ruhani

Falak per tum na jasaktey isi ka shukr kerna hai

K khud jhuk jhuk k aya hai sama-e ilm-e ruhani

Praise be to God! There is miraculous teaching of love in the divine knowledge.

It has the potential to eradicate hostility from the world of humanity because it is a

bounty for all humanity from God from the miracle of oneness. Similarly, when a

partial soul annihilates in the Universal Soul, he always preaches about love in the

light of divine esoteric knowledge of Quran and works to erase hostility from the

world of humanity. The words of knowledge that come out of his pure tongue has a

miracle of oneness in it which is actually the cause of love in this world. Be it

physical or spiritual love, there’s always peace wherever you shall seek it. Progress

follows peace, and love is followed by tranquillity. However, this incomplete and

worldly love is like a drop, and in the Universal Soul all these drops are combined

in the form of ocean.

The Universal Soul or the Perfect Man is the miraculous ocean of human souls and

hence, the drop of love is associated with the ocean of love.

There is a strange attraction in the esoteric interpretation of the Holy Quran which

is the miracle of oneness. Whoever attains this spiritual source of love, naturally

tilts towards the miracle of oneness and is filled with love for the world of

humanity. His incomplete and imperfect thoughts and perceptions transition into

complete and perfect thoughts and perceptions because he becomes

One within Universal Soul, oneness and works for the betterment of all humanity.

A living example of this is the life of our great teacher,

Hazrat Allama Nasir-uddin Nasir Hubb-I-Ali Hunzai (Q-S).

He (blessed and exalted) dedicated his whole life to the intellectual service of the

World of humanity and disseminated the divine light of the miracle of the universal

soul in the universe in the form of esoteric interpretation of the Holy Quran. He

dedicated his whole life in the service of Quran and humanity about which he

himself says:

Khidmat-e khalq-e khuda sehra-I-azam darmiyan

Sar ke bal chalna hai tujko aye qalam aye pehalwan!

Mera maula ne mujhe logo se qurban ker dia

Is “khalili” kaam se dunya ko hairaan ker dia

Maine niyat ki ke eyaal ullah ki khidmat karu

Gar raza-e-haq hai is mai phir yehi taa at karu

A couplet in praise of the above is written and shared by myself as well:

Teri adayen, hain noor hi noor, teri muhabbat sharab-e-tahoor

Tujse mili hai hamain zindagi, tujh mai Ali ke karam ka zuhoor!

It is our humble prayer to the Al-Wadood (the most loving) to give us an insight

into the understanding of his pure love, in which the secret of ultimate spiritual and

worldly success is hidden (Ameen!)

Alyas Nasiri

20 October 2020

Lisbon (Portugal)