Alyaas Nasiri
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The Hidden Wonders and Marvels of Universal Creation

Life exists on earth for around 305.9 billion years. Currently, we have about 30 million species living around us (Biomimicry 3.8 — Innovation Inspired by Nature, n.d.) [1]. The communist believe that universe is created by itself, without any purpose, which is completely illogical idea. Today, biologists, engineers, business analyst, chemical engineers, material engineers are all confronted with the question of developing products that are sustainable and can provide them with alternative ways to solve current world problems. To find solutions and answers to problems they often turn to nature and in past to find answers of how their forefathers and ancestors were able to find answers to some of the most difficult problems by following Prophets and messengers sent by God.

Even with the research currently going on to find answers to physical problems, people often forget how they have thrived in this disciplined manner and become educated in this world. Ironically, humanity has not changed its age-old belief that life on this earth does not exist due to a big bang explosion or has formed on its own.

As humans, we have started to question notions and understand nature surrounding them. It has become evident today that everything that exists in this universe has a purpose. For instance, the purpose of soil is to accept water and sunlight to enable it to be shaped and molded into structures or grown into trees which can provide shade, fruits and flowers. It could fill our surroundings with fragrance and hearts with joy. The purpose of clouds is to provide rain and sustain life on earth. The purpose of earth is to revolve and provide a balance between day and night. The purpose of stone is to construct buildings and houses, the purpose of night is to rest, sleep, spend time on self-reflection and remembrance. Everything that exist in nature follows a disciplined way of performing actions.

It is clearly evident that everything in this world that surrounds us starts to evolve and is created for a reason. The existence of things surrounding us in the universe are created to serve the humanity and the grand purpose of universal intellect of reuniting everyone in spirituality (monoreality) for which his great artistic skills are always at play which are often beyond human comprehension. To reunite human beings as spiritual beings, God did not leave human civilization on its own but rather sent Prophets and his messengers.

If we reflect on the creation of universe, specifically earth, each and everything is designed with harmony and evolving by law of nature. For example, the most inferior thing on earth is rock. When the rock annihilates itself, it is merged into soil which is composed of minerals and particles. When soil annihilates itself, and enables itself to accept water and sunlight then it forms a new state of life which we all recognize as plants. When plant annihilates itself, it emerges into animals and when animals annihilate itself, it is merged into human beings.

As the physical beings annihilate into physical beings which are higher in the order the transition of soul starts to occur which has been explained in great detail in the book called ‘What is soul’ written by our esteemed spiritual teacher (Hunzai, n.d.-b) [2]. The annihilation of spiritual beings follows and shows a disciplined way of progression towards oneness of God.

If we look closely at the law of nature, we will find that the law of annihilation which eventually dictates creation of humans in a step by step process. This process of annihilation is the step by step process through which the creator thoughtfully and meticulously designs the human soul, the curiosity and intellect which defines and differentiates a human being from an animal and makes him superior from all the creations. Each and every detail which is often perceived as ‘nothingness’ by human being comes into existence and goes through a meticulous thought process to create a ‘spiritual being’.

The process of spiritual annihilation can be understood by understanding an example from daily life of processing a meal. It is important to follow the process and steps defined for a recipe by combining each and every ingredient in its required proportions to ensure that one not only is able to make the meal but also to make it with the exact taste and smell. Similarly, the universal intellect, the grand Artisan, who is always at work to create this universe with an Artistry touch needs to find the right proportion and living (spiritual) ingredients who will ensure that the artisan’s recipe of oneness (monoreality) is achieved while keeping the diverse colors and aroma to ensure that one who appreciate good taste are able to come forward and taste the recipe of ‘oneness’.

The process of spiritual annihilation makes a curious human mind reflect on how is it possible that most of the human beings are able to thrive from the way they used to live in caves (stone age) to such a technologically advanced age where every desire is possible for human being. For instance, certain tribes in South America and the tribe of North Sentinel Island Andaman and Nicobar India (LoveBite Media Productions, n.d.) [3] are an exception who do not like to interact with the outside world and still in this advanced age keep living life similar to barbaric and uncivilized people. On the other hand, the civilizations and communities have learned to become disciplined in its approaches, learned how to appreciate different diversities, developed families, kin and children and thrived in relationships where they find joy, happiness, empathy and love. All these bonding’s have been possible due to the guidance given to civilizations by Prophets and Imams who have been sent on this earth since the first human being came into existence. In Quran (7:158) Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has mentioned as the one chosen by Allah and sent for guidance of humanity. For further explanation on the reason of Prophets and messengers in our life refer to the book ‘The Wise Quran and Humanity’ part 6, page 11 (Hunzai, n.d.-a) [4]. In another instance Prophet Moses reminded humanity that God has raised them and granted them the opportunity to progress in spirituality as mentioned in Quran Surah Maidah (5:20). Hence, it is clear that if the creator had not sent Prophets and Messenger on this earth then human civilizations would have remained similar to the Sentinel tribe who lack understanding of todays advanced world and remain disconnected and disoriented from the whole world.

It is extremely important that as the humanity has advanced at large the spiritual aspect of this advancement must not be neglected. According to Professor Lawrence Krauss and Richard Dawkins, this universe is the result of ‘nothingness’, which is an absolutely illogical perspective especially for someone living in this scientific age. ‘Nothingness’, to our naked eyes when explored under the microscope enables us to see that there are minute chains of DNA strands that connect all the things present in nature. These building blocks and chains are strands composed of 4 building blocks which create ladders and chains of living life that exist all around us. When microscopic ladders and chains are hidden from our naked eyes and when we cannot observe them then the question comes that how is it possible to even say that “nothingness has created universe”. It is important that people are able to appreciate and learn about the hidden reality that is always at work and exists in a hidden manner in our lives. To answer these intricate question, one needs to understand the living book of God which is filled with wonders (Quran — 55: 77–78). The formula of creating this universe has always been present but has been hidden in a book called (Kitab-e-Maknoon) ( كِتَابٌ مَّكْنُون) . According to Hadith, ‘God has written from a pen, whatever was going to happen and whatever already happened and has mentioned it in the Lauh-e-mahfooz (slate) لَوْح مَحْفُوظ.

There are three types of ‘Books of God’. First is the Holy book of God, which is in written form. Second is this universe and third is human being himself. In all these three books, God demonstrates his wonders and marvels. In the external world, He demonstrates in the form of scientific inventions, in human beings, He demonstrates in the form of dreams and imagination and in heavenly books, He demonstrated in the form of ta’wil (esoteric aspect). The Therefore, the ta’wil of the hidden book (Kitab-e-Maknoon) ( كِتَابٌ مَّكْنُون) is granted to those who are continuously thinking about God and are pure in their acts (Muthairon) The knowledge and wisdom given of esoterics to humans are mentioned in Quran, as the ‘ullul albaab’.

The concept of God is a reality that is beyond human imagination and intellect. The reality of God begins at a point where the journey of human knowledge ends! That is why, all the Prophets and the Imams who are the manifestation of God were sent to this earth. In exoteric perspective, they all had a physical form as a human being. However, esoterically, Prophets are a living manifestation of God. For example, Hazrat Essa (Jesus) was called ‘God’ and there is nothing wrong in it because it is the Prophet (messenger) of God who comes from the highest spiritual stage called “Marifat” where one is a living part of God and enable other human beings who are incomplete to become complete if they follow the Prophet. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) closest companion, Salman Farsi who was always a disciple is a living example of how a human being can transform in spirituality.

To reach at the door of God, one must reach to the one who is able to teach the book of God. Just like If a person needs to be a good chef than one has to have a guider who is aware of all secrets. His creation as well as the formula of the birth of this universe. Today, humans have evolved but have not been able to find answers to the basic principle of life. Today although we have technological advancements that connects humans far and wide but the nature of consumption and being materialistic in life has caused human relationships to be fragmented. A communist remains isolated in their life and live a life without their loved ones. This is because they believe that humans are born in this world without any purpose or reason and there is no concept of creator or creation. Further, they do not believe in the Prophet hood and their teachings. For this reason, they consider each and every success as their own and boast themselves. Such human beings become selfish and self-centered losing the sight of work that lies ahead. A communist at the end remains lonely and does not have any friend’s due to his nature. The one who fear God and understand the basic premise of life is able to grow physically in his relationships and spiritually because for them their forefathers, mentors and teachers who guides them are the one who make them realize the wonders and marvels of creation and creator that are living and existing all around us. وَكُلَّ شَىۡءٍ اَحۡصَيۡنٰهُ فِىۡۤ اِمَامٍ مُّبِيۡنٍ Quran (Surah Yasin 36:12) “And we have encompassed everything in the Living Imam-e-Mubin”


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Written By: Alyas Naseeri