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Spiritual Science (Dahr)
Dahr (76/1)Qur’an, a period that does not pass = Universal Soul = Spiritual world = Imam (guide) = God’s Treasure

Written by :Alyaas Nasiri


Aql-i-Kul: Universal intellect that possesses knowledge of everything

Nafs-e-Kul: Universal soul

Aql-i-Gharizi: Innate human intellect that possesses ability to be nurtured.

Insan-e-Kamil (The Perfect Human): the human who possesses the complete intellect and soul

Mubdey e Haq: the creator and origin of truth

What is Dahr?

Infinite miracles of the holy God are hidden in the divine rules pertaining to the creation of the world. And that exalted being shows these miracles and signs in the world step by step as mentioned in the Qur’an (41/53). In this regard, it is important to know that as per God’s command [Qur’an (47/24)] while deeply observing the Universe and the Existents everything in the heavens and the earth has been created by Time and the reality behind the creation of time is “Dahr” and Dahr is related to the origin of truth (Mubdey e Haq). Praise be to God!
The mention of Dahr in the Qur’an is such: “Was there a period of time when man was not even worthy of a mention?” meaning that the eternal and immortal reality cannot be defined in human terminology and knowledge because human knowledge and words can define that which is confined in time. Human terminology is deficient in defining Dahr, which is above the confinement of time. It is on this basis that it is said that man was a thing not worth mentioning (Holy Qur’an 76/1). This means that man has been through a period in Dahr when he was an eternal and immortal reality, and these verses are actually about the Complete Man (insaan e kamil) who represents all humans because in Dahr all the humans are in the form of an eternal and immortal reality and that reality cannot be expressed in words.

Role of Dahr in the Creation of Everything

Dahr is the name of such an eternal and immortal reality that it in itself is stationary but is making the heavens and the earth rotate in a circle by which time comes into existence. This reality can be explained by the example that if man is in movement then compared to that the earth is steady; if the earth is rotating and making movement then in contrast to that the space is steady; and if the space is moving then in comparison to that Dahr is steady. From this standpoint by the command of Almighty, Dahr is creating movement in the space and the space is creating movement in the planets and stars, hence making the earth and sky rotate due to which time is coming into existence, and everything in the world is coming into existence due to time. Moreover, consider that time is taken away from the universe and existents. In that case, everything will end. It is on this basis that the intellectuals have said that he who recognizes time and benefits from each passing moment by valuing it has access to the heights of success. On the other hand, he who wastes time will have to face failure and despondency. One of the special and wisdom filled name for time mentioned in the Qur’an is “Alsaat” which is also used for resurrection or a watch [The Holy Qur’an (20/15) (16/77)].

Relation between Dahr and Time

Time is a great miracle amongst the miracles of the Holy Lord and is the name of a powerful reality. The mention and indication about the divine command that brought time into existence from Dahr, can be found in this verse “And everything rotates in a circle” (36/40); which implies that due to Dahr, a ‘circle’ gave rise to ‘time’ and time led to creation of everything in the world. Moreover, the power that produced time is Dahr. Thus, that Dahr is a great truth and reality can be estimated from this. Therefore, it is extremely important to understand Dahr so that secular and religious honor and success can be attained.

Dahr and Secular Science

Dahr is that immortal and infinite reality where the concept of time is not found. For example, the past, present and future are within the boundaries of time, but Dahr is such a spiritual condition and reality which only consists of ‘now’. In fact, it is a kind of ‘present’ that is very difficult to be exemplified even with the help of ‘now’. It is very difficult to explain that reality with the help of time and era. This is why the secular scientists, who are accustomed to working within the constraints of time, are unable to reach Dahr. Dahr is that divine treasure from which all things reveal to this world according to their given time [Holy Qur’an (15/21) (41/53)].
If the secular scientists wish to access Dahr, then they will have to enter spirituality through a special worship with the permission of the Insan-e-Kamil (The Perfect Human). This is because, where physical vision reaches its extreme limit is where spiritual vision begins. This is why sooner or later, the secular scientists will have to incline towards spirituality as it is mandatory to possess a spiritual eye where spiritual realities begin.
In other words, scientists will have to free themselves from the confinement of time, as that is when they will be able to observe the natural factory, meaning the treasure of God (15/21) who is bringing time into existence, who is an immortal and infinite paradise, Praise be to God! The perfect and complete mystic (one who has attained the recognition of God) of the age of resurrection Hazrat e Allama Naseer al din Naseer Hubb e Ali Hunzai (Q.S) has interpreted this concept in the following couplet:
“The imagination of space lessness is wondrous and heart-alluring,
Immaterial and the journey into an eternal world.
The past and the future have turned into present here,
The alive can envision the status of aged and infancy.”

Examples of Dahr in Nature

The philosopher Pir Nasir Khusraw (Q.S.) has said: “God created the physical world from the spiritual world and showed the signs of the spiritual world in it, and in the investigation and discernment of these signs, granted the human intellect a chance to show its splendor.” If reflected upon, we see that out of all the things that God has created in this world from Dahr (meaning the spiritual world) through time, certainly many of them indicate towards Dahr. For instance, if we reflect upon human characteristics, then the peace and contentment that is found within human beings is due to Dahr, because the real and original contentment is found in Dahr where there is no concept of time. Therefore, when a person rests and finds peace within a given frame of time, then this partial peace is also related to the complete peace which is related to Dahr. Dahr is paradise and paradise is the spiritual abode of peace and contentment. Likewise, wherever partial peace and contentment are found in time, there they indicate towards the complete peace and contentment that exists in Dahr. In the framework of time partial peace is related to complete peace. Hence, partial peace and contentment is an example to understand the complete peace and contentment and an intellectual always inclines towards that which is complete.
If we reflect on the universe and beings by seeking divine help from the kind Lord, then a lot of realities and recognitions can be observed. For one, all the universal elements and objects were born due to time. Time and the things born due to time all indicate towards Dahr. For example, a lot of herbs come into existence in time that symbolize and exemplify Dahr and that contain partial peace in them in the form of intoxication; such as hemp, heroine, opium, cocaine, alchol and any other herbs that people use to attain partial peace. Moreover, by using them, humans forget about time and try to get out of the confinement of time using an unlawful method. The partial peace that is found in these herbs also exemplifies Dahr but this is an unlawful method through which humans harm their body and health to a great extent and end up being destitute and helpless. Since this is an unlawful attempt to reach Dahr, and everyone is aware of its countless damages, hence everyone must avoid attaining unlawful peace and spirituality so that one can be saved from humiliation, despondence, and sickness. Leave the addiction of physical wine (sharaab) and use the spiritual wine (Ruhani sharaab) that contains intellectual and scholarly success apart from spiritual peace. Spirituality is that wine or intoxication which makes people wise and insightful; changes the blind to a seer; makes life appear where there was earlier lifelessness; completes them from incomplete; and makes the unwise wise. Praise be to God!
Likewise, through God’s permission men proceed towards real success through pure and sacred spirituality, and start their journey towards eternal peace and one day reaches complete peace and becomes an eternal and immortal reality which is difficult to mention using human terminology, which is much higher than the confinement of time as stated in the Holy Qur’an (89/27-30). In this regard, I humbly present the following verse:
 baichara nasiri b hayraan ha gum ha:: ye wqt e sukoon dhar ha tufaan ha uski.
“Poor Nasiri is awestruck and lost,
This peaceful time is Dahr, a spiritual storm from Him (God)!”

Comparison between Partial and Complete Peace (Dahr)

In this world, man is preoccupied in search of peace and contentment and uses alcohol, hemp, opium, and other intoxicating things. Thus, it must be understood that the real peace is in Dahr and the real peace lies in recognizing and knowing Dahr, and reaching there by acting on spirituality. Through this, man’s physical life gets embellished and in his spiritual life too complete contentment and satisfaction of the heart is attained along with the creation of a brightness and light. Therefore, man should leave the worldly intoxication and should embrace spiritual intoxication, so that success can be attained in both religion and the world.
Numerous examples of Dahr are present in God’s universe, and anything that comes under time and is durable and incomparable, is an example of Dahr because complete durability only exists in Dahr not in time. This is because time does not consist of stability, rather it has movement and uneasiness (for people). This fact is also worth pondering that nature produces iron by means of time and iron is durable. When in fact, the durability that is found in iron is from Dahr. In short, the thing that lives longer in this world is considered more durable than the one that is short-lived. Moreover, as mentioned earlier the true durability exists in Dahr where there is always life and no death. Thus, wherever there is durability in this world it is because of Dahr. Also, anything that science has created that will be useful to man for a long time, is due to Dahr. Dahr is a period that does not pass, Dahr is lasting, Dahr is the Universal Soul and paradise. Dahr is such a stationary reality where there is sheer contentment, and it is rotating the universal wheel with its hands and producing movement in it. Due to this movement the universe is without peace and Dahr is in peace. And if someone is in search of peace then he should travel and submit towards Dahr in the true sense. In this way he will escape from this permanent state of being without peace and contentment, Praise be to God!


As per the saying of Pir Nasir Khusraw (Q.S.): “we must contemplate a lot on the physical world so that it is easier to understand the spiritual world.” The Holy Qur’an says: “And everything rotates in a circle” (36/40). The universe and all it encompasses is rotating in a circle and time comes into being through this rotation, and the universal constituents are being created under the confinement of time, and man has achieved the highest level amongst all creation (The Holy Qur’an, 94/5). An exalted example of this reality is that just like a person rotates an instrument to make curd-shake (a drink made of yogurt, milk and sugar or salt and known as lassi in Urdu), and then within a frame of time, it gets formed out of milk, out of which butter comes out. Likewise, when Dahr rotates the universe with its two hands and creates the time, then time plays the role of lassi and the mystics and complete men amongst the world of humanity represent the butter that is extracted from the time (lassi). In fact, this is the true purpose behind the rotation of ages.
Humans are considered the highest of creation (Ashraf-ul-Makhlookat) because of its origin from the Universal Intellect (Aql-i-Kul) and whatever task is performed in this world with its innate human intellect (Aql-i-Gharizi) is durable. This durability is from Dahr because the intellect’s connection is with Dahr. Dahr is God’s special creation. Moreover, amongst the secrets of the universe, an extremely significant secret is Dahr. We must gain the knowledge about Dahr and seek to recognize it and to reach Dahr through the true spirituality and recognition. The recognition and knowledge about Dahr is mandatory for all of us. And may the kind Lord grant us immense courage and insight to understand these secrets of the universe. Amen!
Alyaas Nasiri
7th October 2020