DNA (in religious point of view)

Alyaas Nasiri
7 min readJan 19, 2018

DNA, The hidden stairs of life

As life has transformed on earth in the past 1,500 billion years, animals and human civilization have transformed as well and adapt to their changing climatic conditions and environments. These changes and transformation for thousands of years enable species which are able to sustain and survive to thrive and progress while animals and certain human civilizations which were not able to adapt to the changing needs have become extinct.

The information regarding extinct civilizations by studying DNA of fossil bones and remains using carbon dating allows us to appreciate and understand how significant biological differences have caused physical behavior of current animal species and humans to change. The DNA is an amazing phenomena that holds information as to how these physical and biological changes have occurred over the years. DNA is the basic building block for all living creation that breadths and thrives biologically around us. The DNA for different life forms have various base pairs depending on their physical traits and biological complexities. Today, scientists are discovering and exploring the ways to integrate data obtained into DNA. The amount of information that can be stored in a human DNA is beyond any physical hard drive storage or human comprehension. The DNA of human consists of four (4) bases A (Adenine), G (Guaine), C (Cytosine) and T (Thymine) [1]. These four base pairs arrange into groups of three (3) to create codons. The codons provide cells information on what color our eyes and skin needs to be and define functions for different organs. It is the information from DNA that provides us with the unique identity. Therefore, DNA is itself a hidden book of God which has vast amount of data in it.

In the Quranic verse (5:15) of Surah Al-Maidah, God says:

“O People of the Scripture, there has come to you Our Messenger making clear to you much of what you used to conceal of the Scripture and overlooking much. There has come to you from Allah a light and a clear Book (kitab-e-maknoon).”

The above quranic reference makes one wonder that it is not only the scripture that is being brought by the Prophet (PBUH) to the people of faith but also the hidden books that is often overlooked by humanity. This hidden book is surrounded in the form of nature and innumerable signs of the creator. These signs and indications are all surrounds us in our own human body which has a large hidden secret called DNA.

This amazing DNA within human being can be found in the form of chains and coils which if expanded can circle the world around 6 to 8 times. Moreover, the chains of DNA are composed in such a way that one can find ladders of base of pairs combined to create this unique identity. Today, scientists are discovering ways of storing large sums of data and information in DNA by synthetically engineering them. The hidden base pairs that lie within human being are the chains and blocks of life which can store information for billions of years and have kept the hidden secret of life from our forefathers for billions of years.

Our spiritual teacher Dr. Professor Allama Nasiruddin Nasir Hunzai during his spiritual journey, experiences the wonders and marvels that are hidden in the external and internal world. He has explained that DNA is a part of (Kitab-e-Maknoon) by saying:

Tu hai bhaido ka sahifa, tu hai kanz e la makaan Qaul e Maulana Ali (A.S) hai: “teray andar hai kitaab”

Oh human! within you are hidden wonders and secrets of the book, you are a book that is not limited to space (physical body). You are beyond the properties of time of space (physical limitations). Mowla Ali (A.S) has said, “Oh human! you are the hidden book; within which the universe exists.” (As referenced in book Wajeh Deen, pg 5, by Professor Allama Nasiruddin Nasir Hunzai)

It is interesting to see that today scientists are discovering and unveiling the hidden secrets of DNA which were explored and defined by our spiritual teacher long time ago. The poem below ‘Darbar-e-Tauseef-e-kitab (The book of praiser)’ describes the hidden aspects of kitab-e- maknoon (the hidden book). In this poem, our esteemed spiritual teacher has beautifully explained in the poem that book of spirituality (the hidden book — kitab-e-maknoon) encompass different colors and life forms which can only be observed if one is blessed with the eye of certitude. That knowledge can be attained with humility, humbleness and consistent greed for knowledge.

As Mawla Ali (A.S) said that, “Oh human being! you consider yourself a speck but in reality the whole universe exists within you”

May Khudawand bless all of us with eye of certainty, truth of certainty, humbleness in our nature, and acceptance of spiritual knowledge! Ameen.

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Explanation of Poem

Darbar-e-Tauseef-e-Kitaab (The Book of Praiser), poem written on Saturday, September 18, 1999

  • Aftaab o mahtaab o chrg e akhzar hai kitaab Chasma e aab e hayat o aab e kausar hai kitaab

Sun and moon and the blue sky encompassing them are book,

The flowing stream of water, elixir of eternal life (Abe-e-Kosar) is also a book.

  • Husn o khubi mai yagana dilkashi mai taak hai Baag o gulshan ki tarah ik khub manzar hai kitaab

Transcendental truth is the charm and elegance which unites all in monoreality, The attraction of flowers in a garden unites and is a part of the book of praiser.

  • Be misaal o lazawal anmol tohfa ilm ka
    Aye azizaan ley ke rakhna ganj e gohar hai kitaab

This living book is a gift full of light of knowledge and wisdom,
Oh my dear! always keep holding to the book of gems and treasures.

  • Mai jahan bhi reh chuka din bhar kitaboo mai raha Bas mera ghar hai kitaab or mera daftar hai kitaab

Where ever I have been in the universe, I have always been surrounded by books, My home is book .. and so is my office.

  • Ek jahan e ilm o hikmat hai kitaab e mustataab Hai agar Qura’n se phir sab se bartar hai kitaab

This blessed book is a universe of knowledge and wisdom. If there is anything supreme and worthy after Quran (esoteric Quran-e-natik and samit) then it is the book.

  • “Ayah e kad jaa’a kum” (15:5) ko perh lia ker jan e man! Nur e haq ki roshni mai sab ko rahbar hai kitaab

Oh my beloved! if you will read “Ayat kad jaa kum” (5:15) and understand it’s esoteric meaning then you will know that the physical book and light (Nur) of Imam both are important. It is only through the light (Nur) and guidance of living Imam, you will understand the book. Book is a wonderful guider and companion. For example (Esoteric knowledge is the light of reality which can be seen in the light of book).

  • tu hai bhaido ka sahifa, tu hai kanz e la makaan qaul e Maulana Ali (A.S) hai: teray andar hai kitaab

Oh human! within you are hidden wonders and secrets of the book, you are a book that is not limited to space (physical body). You are beyond the properties of time of space (physical limitations). Mowla Ali (A.S) has said, “Oh human! you are the hidden book; within which the universe exists.” as referred in (DNA — referenced in book Wajeh Deen, pg 5, by Professor Allama Nasiruddin Nasir Hunzai)

  • Hai kitaab e hak taa’la ba takalum har jagah zahir o batin mai dekho, mera haidar hai kitaab

The book of God has always given guidance through signs and ayats in the external world (afaq) and the internal world (anfus). If you attain the spiritual eye then you will realize that the hidden divine signs which will direct you to the book, is nonetheless, but Mowla Ali (A.S.).

  • Maujzay hi maujzay Quran e naatiq se suno Aj Maula e zamana, roz e mahshar hai kitaab

Imam-e-zaman is a treasure of miracles. This treasure is in the Speaking Book of God (Quran — Imam-e-Zaman) which is in the form of esoteric knowledge (tawil).
At the time of Qiyamat, this esoteric knowledge is in the form of Book.

  • Nur e eeman nur e eekaan nur e im o marifat Sar ba sar anwaar ki daulat se bhar kar hai kitaab

The light of belief, the light of certainty, and the light of marifat is also a living book. Surely, book is filled with all the wealth of lights.

  • Is bihisht e marifat mai kiya nahi hai jaan e man! Kaan e rahat jaan e lazzat shad o shaker hai kitaab

Oh my dear! nothing is impossible in paradise of marifiat that has been brought near to you because it is treasure of peace, food for soul and as sweet as honey.

  • Misl e yaar e dilnasheen mahboob hai mujhko kitaab Dil kusha hai jaan fiza hai ruh parwar hai kitaab

For me the book is like a companion that gives happiness to my heart.
It is a book that opens up the heart, uplifts and refreshes the soul and body and it is the book that enables one to rectify mistakes in life.

  • Jab kalam let ahu aata hai tajalli ban ke wo Ye nawazish hai isi ki tab muasar hai kitaab

Whenever I hold the pen, his light guides me to discover different forms and manifestations of knowledge.
It is blessing of mawla that the esoteric interpretation of knowledge (ilm-e-tawil) has been provided in the form of hidden book.

  • Baag o gulshan ki siyahaat mai zara sahaz to hai Sair e ilmi ke liye bas sab se behtar hai kitaab

By walking in the garden one can definitely benefit and enjoy, However, by walking on the path of knowledge one can gain far more.

  • Aye Nasiruddin tujh ko sir e aazam yaad hai? Aalam e ulwi mai tanha ek gohar hai kitaab

Oh Nasiruddin! Do you remember the biggest secret of universe?
That in the world of the higher “I” (alam-e-ulwi) book is in the form of pearl (gohar) named (Al-wahid) which is a book and this book is known as (Kitab-e-Maknoon — the hidden book) which holds the secrets of this universe.


written By : Alyas nasiri