Death and birth of stars within Universal Soul

Alyaas Nasiri
4 min readSep 8, 2017

As human endeavors and scientific explorations grow in this scientific age, it is important that human understanding of spiritual science grows to allow understanding of the natural phenomena in the light of religion.

In a recently published article in nature active galactic nucleus (AGN) which was formed by the collision of two galaxies and referred in paper as IRAS F23128–5919 was detected using very large telescope (VLT) (Maiolino et al. 2017). The massive black hole gravitational field sucked galactic material, stars, asteroids. The massive black hole gravitational field is so powerful that it consumes the galaxies. It can be considered like a vacuum that cleans the space. Once black holes have consumed stars and matter present between colliding galaxies, it then spits out gases along with small, supergiant stars and other types of stars. Some of these stars when born are ejected along with the gases at a much higher velocity which often cause these young stars to travel hundreds and thousands of light years away from the active galactic nucleus (AGN) where massive black holes exist.

The birth of stars from the active galactic nucleus (AGN) reported in this scientific paper and recent intuition made me think further. We all are aware that stars death causes debris which becomes part of our planet. In life form, also similar birth and death occurs and starts from the mineral soul where elements having different positive (+) and negative (-) charges all work in cohesion or against one another making a land fertile or barren and devoid of growth. Allama Nasiruddin (may his soul be sacrificed for eternal peace of humanity) in his book “What is soul” explains the interplay and exchange of souls which takes place continuously (“Shan-E-Tajalli | Books” 2017).

The growth of a plant requires it to grow its shoot and root to achieve stability and strength. A plant or a tree that doesn’t have growth of its roots deeper and wide will eventually die due to forces in nature. Death of plants is an important aspect for it as it provides nutrition to soil, adjusting its pH, regulating fertility and growth for microbes and bacteria to thrive which can allow germination and birth for plants and trees of future. Another example of plants and trees lies with the diversity of plants and trees where some become food source for other plants while trees more beneficial to humanity become food source for animal and human soul. When it comes to animals similarly death and birth is a continuous cycle that exist where predator animals hunt and eat insects, animals, birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles to thrive and grow. All animal souls do not become part of human soul. Only the ones which eat and thrive from vegetative soul and are humble in its nature, transcend towards human soul where again death and birth of various proteins, microbes and nutrients occur.

It is within human soul that the choices and conscious understanding of universal soul and universal intellect can allow souls to thrive or cause souls to diminish. The interplay of small particles from stars, proteins, atoms and other elements creates complex interplay of biochemistry and chemical reactions within a living soul form continuously. The continuous removal of resources which are not able to thrive or have potential to benefit the universe need are continuously removed by nature, the universal soul and intellect desires positive (+) actions for which it is important to have potential but if something is devoid of potential then action cannot take place therefore the universal soul and intellect also utilizes negative (-) actions from the time being the universe starts within the active galactic nucleus.

In Quran, Surah Yasin (36:12): Allah says:

Indeed, it is We who bring the dead to life and record what they have put forth and what they left behind, and all things We have enumerated in the present Imam (A.S).

Indeed the death of stars and birth of stars, death of souls and birth of different soul form is all an interplay of the universal soul, who has breathed his soul in each and every living and non-living soul. It is through the universal soul and its desire that death becomes a glory and provides way for birth. It is with every destruction, calamity, natural disaster in nature that construction of souls starts to take place. Although the death of stars is taken by human eye as insignificance but it is the star dust, particles that eventually allow the life form and souls to thrive on earth and in this atmosphere. The minute details that living creations and creatures form in our surrounding are all mere miracles of the universal soul also known as the (Imam A.S) the one chosen. It is within the universal soul and intellect that the positive and negative souls are all able to reside and thrive. The human soul ability is restricted and diminishes with time without the guidance of universal soul. It is therefore necessary to charge, nurture one’s soul through the guidance of universal soul to ensure that one can also develop one day the ability to thrive and create using the negative souls surrounding the human soul and universe to ensure being a living part of universal soul — monoreality soon.

Please refer to book “What is soul” for further explanation on interplay and exchange of souls continuously “”.


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“Shan-E-Tajalli | Books.” 2017. Accessed September 7.

Written by: Alyaas Nasiri