Alyaas Nasiri
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Spiritual Life after Physical Death

Bismillah hirrahmaan irrahim

Yousuf e Dawran le Ruh moxe kurtanz biyeen; Ay xe Uyam Nas Aisal ruh e Itar bot uyam

The Yusuf (A.S) of the time has a number of spiritual shirts!
Look for the fragrance amongst them, Spiritual fragrance is the most loved one!
*(Allamah Nasir al-Din Nasir (Hubb-i Ali) Hunzai (Rehmat Allah-aLaehi)

God, the Greatest and the most powerful has created two different types of attire (libas) for the soul which are also known as paradisiacal attire (tib-i libas). The first is the physical attire, which is also known as the human body. The human body accommodates the spiritual soul, while the second attire is paradisiacal attire, which is also known as astral body (jism-i latif), heavenly body (jism-i falki), and subtle shirt (latif kurta).

1. Human Body (Insani Jism), Physical Attire (Tibi Khaul), Physical Shirt (Kurta-i Zahir):
The growth of human body or physical attire is dependent on four elements (Anasir-e arba) that are Air, Water, Fire, and Soil which are the reason for human nourishment. The nutrients present within soil find its nourishment from air, water and fire. The physical incarnation for the four elements (Anasir-e-arba) enables in physical growth which over the time starts to disintegrate due to physical limitations, loss in physical ability or sickness due to various reasons.

It is the great artistry of the Creator (the Lord of the day of resurrection), who chooses a particle (zar’ra) from world of particles (aalam-i zar) or the world of spirituality (aalam-i arwah), and then nurture it in a mother’s womb (physical body). An arwaah is given physical birth and is being nourished by the four elements (Anasir-i arba) to ensure that its growth and completion as a human body physical (zahiri) attire is possible. A soul stays in the human body in the form of a particle or a dot (zar’ra). The particle of soul within the human body remains restless in this world because the particle of soul is in the heart of a human body and is always in search to reunite with its whole (kul). Whereas, the mind is attached to the physical world which is why any happiness related to the human mind can never satisfy the heart and soul. It is this very reason that the human mind goes into a state of anxiety and worries during the last stage of life.2. Astral Body (Latif Jism), Astral mould (Latif Khaul), Astral Shirt (Latif Kurta)
Astral or subtle body (Jism-i latif) is related to the spiritual world. Just like in the material world, the physical body finds its nourishment from air, water, fire and soil; similarly in the spiritual world, the same four elements exist but in the spiritual form.
The world of spirituality is a cosmos in which the air of the divine love (ishq-i ilahi) blows. It has got luminous mountains, from where pure shining water of divine knowledge (ilm-i ilahi) flows. Its soil is enriched with the attributes of believing which gives birth to the astral bodies and sublime fruits. The sun of Religion through its heavenly warmth turns the soil of the spiritual world into a beautiful garden.
When a mumin leaves his body after death, then a new dress, a new body and a new shirt is being given by Hazrat Yusuf (A.S) of the time (Imam-e zaman). After wearing that shirt, a human soul will be entered into the spiritual world (alam-e ruhani). In verse (12:93), quoting the words of Hazrat Yusuf, it is said: “Go with my shirt and put it on my father’s face, he will become seeing. And bring me your family, all together.” Astral shirt (Latif kurta) that belongs to this realm exactly matches a human face and features; however, it is a thousand times more beautiful and attractive! It also has a heart which comes to life through winds of divine love and pumps luminous blood to the body. This is why, wherever this blood reaches in the body it turns it into luminous. A luminous heart beats forever with the remembrance of God (zikr-i ilahi) automatically. Thereafter, the heart does not depend on the mind for guidance with regards to remembrance of God.

The shirt that belongs to that realm does not require any make-up. When the Sun of religion pours its light on such a face, it glows amazingly beautiful, which means that the divine manifestations appear on the face after the divine rain falls. The manifestations keep on changing, one after the other every time, a unique demonstration appears. There’s a Hadith which says. “Soul of mu’mins in a garden (of paradise) are like the forms of (their) bodies.” (Lughat, Ra’, p.147). This Hadith shows that the soul of mu’min in paradise is in the form of a young body, but it is unprecedented in beauty and elegance. (Hazar Hikmat, Arwah 52 (5), p. 43).
It is said in a Hadith that there will be seventy maidens in Paradise. This is true, however, there will be one maiden with seventy different types of beautiful facets that keeps on changing. It will be that coolness of eyes from which the heart will never be fulfilled.
By the grace of God, when mu’min men and women will enter paradise, they will be greatly surprised to see that the copies of their subtle personality adorned with intellect and soul, are already in paradise. These living and speaking copies are paradisiacal attires, because the essential beauty of paradise is that everything in it has pure life and perfect intellect. Therefore, it speaks and scatters the gems of knowledge and wisdom. (Hazaar Hikmat, Arwah 53(6), p. 43).

*Note: The fragrance of flowers can vary, similarly explanation can vary for everyone dependent on Subhan-watallah grace on human intellect.